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Westminster, CO Farmers Market

Less than a mile from our house a Farmers Market opened for business…every Saturday from June 2 through September 29. If you have a taste for fine toffee, come and check us out starting July 7, 9:30AM – 1:30PM! We’ll have samples of our Heirloom (The original, with dark chocolate and almonds) and Pearly Pecan (with white chocolate) varieties.

We’re also working on a delightful new flavor (surprise!). Our goal is to roll out the new variety at our Farmers Market debut. We’ll keep you posted.

Remember, too, that the gift of toffee enriches social gatherings, holidays, and other special occasions. A pretty dish with a rich mix of Heirloom and Pearly Pecan can perfectly complement your formal tea, garden luncheon, or friend’s birthday party.

See you at the Farmers Market on July 7th!

Delicious Autumn!

Indeed, it is officially here!  Fall!  George Eliot has a sweet little description regarding this magnificent season.

As long as I can remember, I have been passionate about hearing the brittle leaves beneath my feet.  I’ll break stride to crunch just a few more.  I adore sweaters and snuggling; giant mugs of my favorite English tea; the crispness in the air; new crops of Granny Smith apples which translate beautifully into Apple Crisp.  The most desirable scented candles to me are all those yummy, buttery, kitcheny smells of apples, cinnamon, pumpkin, vanilla, etc.  Finally, it is permissible to fill my home with the aromas expected this time of year.  To burn a spiced-pumpkin candle in May is just, well, awkward.

In our home, there will soon be another aroma filling our kitchen, the glorious fragrance of homemade toffee!  Without fail, everytime I make toffee, no matter the time of year, at least one of my kids will enter the kitchen, breathe deeply and proclaim, “Oh, Mom!  It smells like Christmas in here!”  The shades of orange will morph into the reds of Christmas, and ‘The Most Wonderful Time of the Year‘ will be upon us.  Now is the time I go into serious prep mode for toffee season.  Butter, sugar, chocolate, nuts, boxes, ribbon, parchment paper, labels, business cards, etc.  Making lists and schedules.  And much planning!  I’m so grateful to be able to make this delectable treat so that you can share it with your friends and family, too.

Stay tuned!  It’s going to be a delicious Autumn!